AIIMS New Delhi and IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation at IIT Indore, supported by NMICPS, unite for SETU-2024: Spearheading Digital Healthcare Innovation

AIIMS New Delhi and IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation at IIT Indore, supported by NMICPS, unite for SETU-2024: Spearheading Digital Healthcare Innovation

Stakeholder’s Engagement Program Paves the Way for Commercialization of Cutting-Edge Healthcare Technologies, Bridging the Gap Between Innovation and Implementation

New Delhi, 20 , 2024 –

AIIMS New Delhi and IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation, under the umbrella of the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NMICPS), launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year of 2018, proudly announce the successful launch of SETU-2024, a revolutionary initiative aimed at propelling digital healthcare innovation in India.

SETU-2024, a collaborative program, serves as a unique platform for the convergence of AIIMS New Delhi and DRISHTI CPS Foundation, fostering the commercialization of cutting-edge healthcare technologies. This unprecedented collaboration seeks to reshape the healthcare landscape in India by driving innovation from educational institutions and early-stage deep tech startups into real-world applications.

The program brought together key stakeholders from across the nation, including Directors and Senior Doctors from eight AIIMS, researchers from various IITs, technology developers from NITs/IIITs, and experts from Medical and Engineering Institutes. The closed-door setting at AIIMS facilitated meaningful connections between technology developers and potential users, effectively bridging the gap between innovation and implementation.

Prof. Bhupesh Kumar Lad, Project Director of DRISHTI CPS Foundation, welcomed dignitaries and participants, emphasizing the pivotal role of innovation and the foundation’s efforts in fostering collaboration between academia, startups, and healthcare organizations.

The event featured engaging Panel Discussions with experts from various AIIMS, IGIB, National Health Authority, University of Michigan, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and William J Clinton Foundation, among others. These discussions explored challenges and opportunities in digital healthcare, highlighting its pivotal role in advancing the Indian healthcare system. Parallel round table discussions addressed specific healthcare challenges in Radiology, Neurology, Rare Diseases, and other critical areas.

Dr. M C Misra, Former Director of AIIMS New Delhi, and the chief guest of the program, emphasized the crucial role of digitalization in the current healthcare landscape. Dr. M. Srinivas, Director of AIIMS New Delhi and the Guest of Honor, underscored the imperative to develop frugal and cost-effective healthcare solutions, aligning with the vision of achieving ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ in the healthcare sector.

SETU-2024 showcased a diverse range of hardware and software products developed by startups and academic researchers funded and mentored by DRISHTI CPS, including decision support systems, 3D modeling solutions, simulation tools, and digitization platforms.

Aditya SG Vyas, CEO of DRISHTI CPS Foundation, concluded the event by highlighting the importance of fostering deeper connections and sought more collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing. With the support of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, IITI DRISHTI CPS Foundation remains committed to catalyzing advancements in Digital Healthcare, contributing significantly to the enhancement of healthcare services in India. SETU-2024 stands as a visionary initiative, uniting stakeholders to bridge gaps, foster partnerships, and pave the way for rapid advancements in healthcare technology.

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