Dr. Udit Raj’s Campaign Gains Momentum, BJP Scrambles to Respond with Star Campaigners

Dr. Udit Raj’s Campaign Gains Momentum, BJP Scrambles to Respond with Star Campaigners

Challenges BJP’s Micro-Management

New Delhi

Dr. Udit Raj, the joint candidate of INDIA and Aam Aadmi Party for the North West Delhi Lok Sabha seat, is emerging as a formidable challenger to the BJP’s dominance in the area. His relentless campaign and proven track record of development have made this contest more competitive than anticipated. The BJP’s micro-management tactics are being put to test, evident in their hurried efforts to deploy star campaigners in response to Dr. Raj’s growing influence.

Dr. Udit Raj, a former MP from North West Delhi, has garnered significant support in the constituency with his ‘Kaam Kiya hai, Kaam Karenge’ motto. Known for his developmental initiatives and strong public outreach, Dr. Raj’s presence has unnerved the BJP, leading them to deploy senior leaders like former Army Chief VK Singh and Union Minister Arjun Meghwal for campaign support.

North West Delhi presents a unique political landscape, encompassing urban, rural, and unauthorized colonies. With a substantial Scheduled Caste population, the constituency’s electorate of nearly five lakhs is spread across 125 villages and over 200 unauthorized colonies. Key markets like Mangolpur Kalan and Narela add to the area’s significance, making it a crucial battleground in the upcoming elections.

Dr. Udit Raj’s campaign is centered around his past achievements and future promises, resonating strongly with the electorate. His commitment to development, highlighted by initiatives like the proposed Metro connectivity to Narela, has garnered immense public support. His recent campaign stops, including a public meeting at Ambedkar Bhawan in Bajitpur Thakran village and the inauguration of an office in Sector 9A Narela, have further strengthened his position as a candidate committed to the welfare of the people.

Dr. Udit Raj expressed gratitude to his supporters and colleagues for their unwavering support and highlighted the importance of bringing fairness and development to the constituency. His campaign has struck a chord with the people, promising a new era of progress and inclusivity for North West Delhi.

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