Violation of Election Code of Conduct Uncovered in Madhya Pradesh as BJP Candidate in West Jabalpur Legislative Assembly Constituency Prepares to Distribute Electronic Items

Gifts distribution at an event in Jabalpur

Jabalpur, October 13, 2023

In a surprising turn of events, a violation of the election code of conduct has been exposed in Madhya Pradesh, casting a shadow over the political landscape. The BJP candidate for the West Jabalpur legislative assembly constituency is reportedly ready to distribute electronic items in an apparent bid to sway voters.

Just a few days ago, a BJP Member of Parliament from Jabalpur made headlines by asserting that they do not engage in vote-buying. However, recent developments suggest a contradiction between words and actions, reminiscent of the old saying, “Hathi ke daant dikhane ke aur, khaane ke aur” (the teeth of elephants are for show and for eating).

Sources close to dissatisfied BJP leaders have revealed that extensive preparations have been made to distribute electronic items during a forthcoming event at Hotel Shawn Elize, situated within the West Jabalpur legislative assembly constituency. The event is scheduled to take place at 7 PM today and is being promoted as the “Lawyer Welcome and Honor Ceremony.” However, suspicions are arising regarding the true intentions behind this gathering.

It is important to note that providing gifts or items to individuals is not inherently wrong, as per local administration regulations. However, when such actions are orchestrated by a political party during an election, it not only contravenes the election code of conduct but also raises concerns about the integrity of the democratic process.

The secrecy surrounding the distribution of electronic items at Hotel Shawn Elize has raised further suspicions. This clandestine operation is perceived as a deliberate and covert strategy aimed at influencing voters during the current electoral season, potentially shaking the very foundation of the democratic process.