The first ‘Robot Suicide’ in the world, Know here

The first ‘Robot Suicide’ in the world, Know here

New Delhi, 5 July 2024

A government servant robot employed by the Gumi City Council in South Korea, has provoked a worldwide conversation that people are referring as the nation’s first “robot suicide.” This incident occurred last Thursday around 4 p.m. after which the whole neighborhood in shock.

It was named “Robot Supervisor,” and was found in a pile at the base of a stairwell that connected the council building’s first and second stories. Before it made an abrupt descent, witnesses said they saw the robot acting suspiciously, “circling in one spot as if something was there.”

Even though the reason for the collapse is yet unknown, the incident has sparked concerns about the robot’s workload and its effects.

This robot, who had been employed since August 2023, was a multitasker. It was a fixture at city hall, serving numerous duties such as document delivery, civic promotion, and informational outreach to the public. It was even issued a civil service officer card.

The robot worked nonstop from 9 am to 6 pm, using elevators to travel between levels, a unique ability of its sort. A California-based business best known for producing robot waiters, designed the robot. But the Gumi City Council robot was tasked with much more than its restaurant counterparts.

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It was a part of an innovative project in South Korea, a nation renowned for having one industrial robot for every 10 workers according to the International Federation of Robotics.

The Gumi City Council decided not to replace their deceased mechanical coworker. A country known for its ardor for automation has paused its ambitions to employ robots in response to the sad incident, indicating a time of reevaluation.

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