The Citizenship Law CAA became a reality four years after the bill was passed.

The Citizenship Law CAA became a reality four years after the bill was passed.

According to a Home Ministry representative, qualified candidates might apply “in a completely online mode.” One official stated that no more paperwork will be required from the applicants.

12 March 2024 , New Delhi

Weeks ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha election, the government on Monday night released an announcement regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act, or CAA, which takes effect immediately. Despite opposition MPs’ and activists’ expostulations, Parliament passed the CAA in December 2019. Despite opposition MPs’ and activists’ expostulations, Parliament passed the CAA in December 2019. Following the allocation of the announcement, individuals from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan who were deportees of religious persecution and arrived in India on or before December 31, 2014, can now apply for citizenship if they belong to the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi, Jain, or Christian communities.

Those who meet the eligibility conditions might apply fully online,” according to a Home Ministry representative. According to one functionary, the campaigners will not need to provide any fresh paperwork. The relinquishment of the CAA was one of the primary crusade pledges made by the BJP ahead of the 2019 election.

Home Minister Amit Shah referred to the CAA as” an act of the country” and stated that it would really have been notified less than a month ago.
Until the election, the CAA will be in force. The Home Minister, who commanded the government’s drive for this issue in both chambers of Congress, played down enterprises that Muslims would be singled out by the CAA and the National Register of Citizens. He charged that Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of Bengal, who has long been among the most open and blatant opponents of the CAA, has designedly misled her state’s citizens on this issue.

With 42 Lok Sabha seats, Bengal is anticipated to play a significant part in the BJP’s pursuit of its 370-seat thing. The Assam Students Union, which commanded demurrers in the state four times ago, has called for another insurrection in the northeast, where anti-CAA demonstrators and the police engaged in violent altercations.

There are other opposition politicians who have opposed the CAA besides Ms. Banerjee. Stalin, the leader of Tamil Nadu, was as forceful as the Bengali leader. Along with covenanting not to apply the law, the leader of the DMK indicted the BJP government of acting” against collaborative harmony.”. Judgements were also passed by several countries that rejected the CAA, including Kerala, Punjab, and countries that were ruled by the Congress in history and the BJP presently, similar to Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. The National Population Register, or NPR, and NRC operations were really discontinued by the governments of Bengal and Kerala.  

Along with passing judgements against all three, the also-ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi of former Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao called on the government to” remove all references to any religion or to any foreign country” in Telangana, citing enterprises raised by thousands of civil ervants. 

A resolution was also passed by the Madhya Pradesh government, which was also run by the Congress. Interestingly, a number of state lawmakers and leaders of the BJP also opposed the legislation. According to sanctioned statements, non-Muslim-maturity nations can get citizenship through the Citizenship Amendment Act if they fled their home country because of religious persecution. Critics claim it violates the Constitution and discriminates against Muslims.

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