Taylor Swift Opens Her New York Mansion for Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s ‘Secret’ Romance

Taylor Swift Opens Her New York Mansion for Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s ‘Secret’ Romance

Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s Alleged Romance Gains Attention

16 October 2023

Supermodel Gigi Hadid and Hollywood star Bradley Cooper have reportedly been using singer Taylor Swift’s home as their discreet meeting place during their alleged romance. In an attempt to keep their budding connection out of the public eye, the 28-year-old blonde beauty and the 48-year-old actor opted not to meet at their own residences. Instead, they have been utilizing Taylor’s mansion in Rhode Island, New York City, as their ‘secret love nest,’ according to a source who spoke to The Mirror UK on October 14.

The source explained that, even though both Gigi and Bradley have their own properties in New York, they sought a more private space to get to know each other, and Taylor Swift graciously offered her home for this purpose. The source added, “She said the door to her home is always open for them to use.” It seems that Taylor enjoys playing matchmaker for her friends, as she is described as a romantic at heart.

Rumors of Gigi and Bradley’s romance ignited after they were spotted having a dinner date at Via Carota in New York City on October 5. Bradley was later seen dropping off Gigi, who has a child with singer Zayn Malik, at her apartment on October 9, following what appeared to be an overnight getaway. Several days later, reports surfaced suggesting that Bradley’s former partner, Irina Shayk, played a significant role in connecting him with Gigi. A source stated, “Gigi was introduced to Bradley through Irina and their mutual friends in the industry.” The source further explained that Gigi and Irina have a longstanding friendship due to their work together in the industry, and while Gigi and Bradley had spent time together in social settings, their connection had always been friendly.

The source also provided insights into the current status of Gigi and Bradley’s relationship, stating that they recently reconnected and bonded over their daughters. Bradley initiated the courtship and Gigi was enthusiastic and interested in getting to know him better. Their connection is described as casual and very new.

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