Taiwan Hit by the Strongest Earthquake in 25 Years!

Taiwan Hit by the Strongest Earthquake in 25 Years!

New Delhi, 3 April 2024

A powerful earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale struck eastern Taiwan, causing widespread damage and sparking fears of casualties. This seismic event, the strongest to hit the island in a quarter-century, sent tremors rippling through buildings in the capital city of Taipei and surrounding areas.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located off the coast of Taiwan, near Hualien County, a region prone to seismic activity. Reports indicate that numerous buildings have been severely damaged, with many people feared trapped under the rubble.

In the wake of the quake, tsunami alerts are swiftly issued for nearby Japanese islands and the northern coast of the Philippines. However, these alerts have since been downgraded, alleviating concerns of further catastrophic consequences.

The disaster’s toll is already evident. Taiwan’s government has confirmed at least seven fatalities and 711 injuries. Emergency responders are continuing to assess the situation and provide aid to affected areas. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs have appreciated the worldwide support via a social media post on X.

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This earthquake underscores the severity of the situation and the challenges ahead for recovery efforts. Taiwan’s neighbors, particularly Japan, have expressed solidarity. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida took to X, the former Twitter platform, to offer Japan’s assistance during this difficult time.

Taiwan and Japan, both situated in the seismically active Pacific Ring of Fire, are no strangers to earthquakes. Over the years, both nations have faced numerous seismic events, making earthquakes a recurring threat to their populations and infrastructure,

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