Strengthen the community by uniting under a common thread: Mr. Majindar Kharwar

Strengthen the community by uniting under a common thread: Mr. Majindar Kharwar

Kharwar Welfare Society organized its annual reunion event

New Delhi:

The “Kharwar Welfare Society, Delhi Chapter” organized a grand annual family reunion program at Nangli Bihar Extension in New Delhi, bringing together social leaders of the Kharwar community from various states of the country. The event witnessed a strong call for unity and integration within the Kharwar society.

Kharwar families residing in the heart of India’s capital actively participated in the program, emphasizing the importance of unity within the community. Notably, prominent social reformer Shri Darshan Ganju from Jharkhand encouraged social harmony and solidarity.

During the event, distinguished guest Professor Shri A.R. Kharwar from Varanasi inspired the community’s children to pursue higher education, while Dr. Devesh Kharwar stressed the necessity of educating children, even if it meant making sacrifices.

Mr. Majindar Kharwar, the National President of the organization, urged the members to strengthen the organization through mutual cooperation and work together as a cohesive force to empower the community. He stated that the fight for the fundamental identity of the society would be won in 2023, with a comprehensive solution planned by 2024, which includes a call to the youth of the community.

National Vice President Mr. Arvind Singh Kharwar encouraged women to become self-reliant and vigilant in society. The National Treasurer emphasized the society’s commitment to preparing underprivileged children for higher education and public service.

On the similar note, Mr. Kameshwar Kharwar, the Delhi State President, expressed his dedication to uniting the Kharwar community in Delhi and creating a strong society. From Varanasi, Mr. Moti Lal Kharwar called for full cooperation with the society’s initiatives to ensure the safety of the community.

The National Media Coordinator, Mr. Manish Kharwar, thanked journalists for their support and highlighted society’s aim to unite the Kharwar community on a common platform through this event.

The Women’s Wing President, Mrs. Ritika Kharwar, encouraged women to step forward, represent society in all fields, and walk shoulder to shoulder with men.