State Level Defence MSMEs Conclave Highlights Crucial Role of MSMEs in Maharashtra’s Defence Cluster Development

State Level Defence MSMEs Conclave Highlights Crucial Role of MSMEs in Maharashtra’s Defence Cluster Development

Strategic Dialogues Unfold: Navigating Policy Reforms and Defence Opportunities for MSMEs

VDIA’s Vision: Dushyant N Deshpande Explores Maharashtra’s Defense and Aerospace Policy for MSME Growth

Nagpur, January 31, 2024:

In a concerted effort to fortify regional capabilities and bolster the defense supply chain, the State Level Defence MSMEs Conclave unfolded on Wednesday under the theme ‘Enhancing Regional Capabilities through MSME Defence Cluster Development in Maharashtra.’ Facilitated by FICCI in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence for the Promotion of MSMEs in Defence, the event convened key stakeholders and thought leaders to deliberate on the pivotal role of MSMEs in cultivating a resilient defense ecosystem.

The conclave, meticulously organized on January 31, 2024, featured illuminating sessions addressing the challenges and opportunities for MSMEs within the defense sector. Different session like Opportunity for Defence MSMEs and Recent Policy Reforms in Defence Sector, and Opportunities for Defence MSMEs, Positive Indigenisation Lists, TDF projects, and Start–Ups were conducted.

In his keynote address, Shri Amit Satija, IAS, DDP, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, asserted, “The Ministry of Defence is unwaveringly committed to promoting MSMEs in the defense sector. This conclave provides a crucial platform for dialogue between the government and industry stakeholders to address challenges and formulate strategies for sustainable growth.” He further highlighted the GoI’s policies to enhance participation of MSME in defence sector and licence issue related subject.

Shri Anil Kulkarni, FICCI member, Vice President & Head – Supply Chain Management, D&A SBG, L&T Defence, expressed, “The Defence MSMEs Conclave serves as a vital platform to discuss the latest policy reforms and opportunities in the defence sector. Collaboration and innovation are key drivers for MSMEs to contribute significantly to the defence supply chain.”

Air Vice Marshal Vikas Dwivedi, VSM, Dy SMSO, HQ Maintenance Command, Indian Air Force, Nagpur, emphasized, “The defence landscape is evolving rapidly, and the engagement of MSMEs is pivotal for the success of indigenous projects. This conclave is an excellent initiative to foster collaboration and explore avenues for growth in the defence sector.”

Shri Rajeev Puri, CMD, Yantra India Limited, commented, “As a representative of the MSME sector, I am optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead. The conclave serves as a catalyst for networking and collaboration, essential for the development of defence clusters.”

Mr. Dushyant N Deshpande, of VDIA (Vidarbha Defense Industries Association), contributed valuable insights during the event, emphasizing the critical role of MSMEs in capitalizing on the Defense and Aerospace Policy by the Maharashtra Government. His perspectives underscored the abundant opportunities for MSMEs to thrive, aligning with the state’s strategic vision for a robust and self-reliant defense ecosystem.

Cdr. Gautam Nanda (Retd.), Associate Partner (KPMG), Mr. S.K. Satpute, DDG, DDP (MoD), Gp. Captain Nitin Kshirsagar, CIO, HQ Maintenance Command, Nagpur, (IAF), Mr. Santosh Rao (SIDBI), Mr. Arjun Kumar, Additional Director, TDF (DRDO), and Mr. Abhishek Jain, Co-Chairman, (FICCI Taskforce on Defense Technology) graced the conclave and shared their insights. Mr. Puri highlighted the DPSU industry partnership.

The State Level Defence MSMEs Conclave provided a comprehensive platform for stakeholders to engage in constructive discussions, marking a significant step forward in realizing the potential of MSMEs in contributing to the nation’s defense capabilities.

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