Delhi Grapples with Severe Water Shortages amid Scorching Heatwave

Delhi Grapples with Severe Water Shortages amid Scorching Heatwave

Delhi residents Struggle as Water Shortages lengthen tanker queues

Water Supply from Haryana to decreases by 100 MGD

New Delhi, 22 June 2024

Residents of Delhi, particularly in areas like Chilla Gaon in Mayur Vihar, Sanjay Colony in Okhla, and Geeta Colony, are enduring severe water shortages amid a scorching heatwave. People are forming long queues to collect water from tankers as the crisis deepens.

Water Minister Atishi Begins Indefinite Hunger Strike

Delhi Water Minister Atishi has announced that over 28,000 residents will face water shortages today due to a reduced supply from Haryana, which has cut over 100 million gallons per day (MGD). In response, Atishi has commenced an indefinite hunger strike in Bhogal, demanding that the Haryana government provide Delhi with its rightful share of water. She has vowed to continue her protest until the situation is resolved.

Political Blame Game Intensifies

The ongoing water crisis has sparked a heated exchange between political parties. While the AAP government accuses Haryana of withholding water, Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini has dismissed these claims. He insists that Haryana is supplying more water than before and attributes the crisis to the Delhi government’s alleged inefficiency and failure to improve its water distribution infrastructure over the past decade.

Heatwave Exacerbates Water Demand

Delhi is facing an unprecedented heatwave, significantly boosting the demand for water. Compounding the crisis are issues like water theft and the role of private tankers, which have intensified the situation. This has led to a heated blame game between the BJP and AAP, leaving residents to endure the hardships while the resolution remains uncertain.

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