Salman Khan Excited About ‘Tiger 3’ Teaser Response, Anticipates Trailer Reveal

Salman Khan Excited About ‘Tiger 3’ Teaser Response, Anticipates Trailer Reveal

Salman Khan expressed pride in the enduring Tiger franchise and gratitude for its decade-long global fan support. The marketing plan for Tiger 3 includes a nostalgic tribute with footage from past films, aiming to highlight the selfless character and core values of the franchise.

29 September 2023

After delighting his fans with the long-awaited teaser of his upcoming cinematic masterpiece, ‘Tiger 3,’ Salman Khan has graciously responded to the overwhelming reception it has garnered.

In an expression of his sentiments, Salman expressed profound pride in the Tiger franchise. He shared that the character of Tiger has not only won unwavering devotion from his ardent admirers but has also captured the hearts of audiences worldwide for more than a decade. The actor humbly acknowledged that the resonance of his character with such a diverse global audience has been a truly humbling experience.

Furthermore, delving into the creative process behind ‘Tiger 3,’ Salman Khan revealed that when they deliberated on the marketing strategy for the film, they decided to pay homage to the deep nostalgia that this franchise holds within the hearts of people. This homage takes the form of ‘Tiger Ka Message.’ According to Salman, this special preview is a carefully crafted montage, featuring footage from the previous two installments, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and ‘Tiger Zinda Hai.’ It serves as a poignant narrative, recounting how Tiger has unflinchingly dedicated himself to the service of India, often putting his life and family on the line for the sake of his nation.

Salman Khan further emphasized that this deliberate choice was made to elucidate the core values that the character of Tiger embodies and what the franchise represents. Tiger is portrayed as a selfless agent, dedicated to the greater good. The superstar expressed his immense delight at the overwhelmingly positive reception this precursor has received at the outset of their promotional campaign. He eagerly anticipates sharing the trailer with his dedicated fan base, who have already showered them with an abundance of love and support.

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