Rohit Sharma expresses gratitude to PM Modi for praising Team India after the T20 World Cup victory

Rohit Sharma expresses gratitude to PM Modi for praising Team India after the T20 World Cup victory

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks of gratitude after India won the T20 World Cup were acknowledged by Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma.

New Delhi, 1 July 2024

In an acknowledgment of the Prime Minister’s support, Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma expressed his gratitude to PM Narendra Modi for praising Team India’s recent T20 World Cup triumph.

Following the exhilarating victory, Rohit Sharma conveyed his appreciation through a heartfelt message. “Proud to be able to bring the cup home,” said Sharma, reflecting the sentiment of a nation elated by their cricket team’s success.

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Prime Minister Modi’s commendation came as a significant boost for the team, further enhancing the celebratory mood among fans and players alike. Sharma emphasized the importance of the Prime Minister’s encouragement, noting how it strengthens the team’s resolve to continue performing at their best.

In a message on the social media network X I, Rohit Sharma expressed his gratitude to PM Modi.

Rohit Sharma thanks PM Modi for his support

“Many thanks for your nice remarks, Sir Narendra Modi. The enjoyment the cup has brought to everyone back home has deeply touched the team and me, and we are very proud to be able to bring it home.”

Rohit Sharma scored 257 runs with 156.70 strike rate in this world cup। Photo Credit: Pinterest

Prime Minister Modi specifically appreciated Rohit Sharma’s captaincy in a different post on Sunday, writing: “Dear @ImRo45 You are the height of excellence. Your consistent batting, aggressive style, and aggressive approach have given the Indian team a new dimension. You’ll have priceless recollections from your 2022 career. I enjoyed our conversation earlier today.

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India’s victory in the T20 World Cup was widely hailed, with the players and coaching staff receiving special recognition for their combined efforts.

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Virat Kohli was one of the players honored, and his performance was emphasized. As PM Modi put it, “Hey @imVkohli, I’m happy to have talked to you. Like the Finals innings, you have done a tremendous job stabilizing Indian batting. You have mastered the game in every way. T20 Cricket will miss you, even though I’m sure you’ll keep inspiring the upcoming generation of players.”

Along with applauding the players, PM Modi honored Rahul Dravid for his outstanding coaching career, which came to an end with the T20 World Cup.

The remarkable coaching career of Rahul Dravid has shaped the success of Indian cricket. His unwavering dedication, sharp strategic insights, and selection of the best team members have completely transformed the organization. India is grateful to him for his achievements and for inspiring the next generation.

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