Right to Health legislation a revolutionary step, says Tarun Bhanot

Right to Health legislation a revolutionary step, says Tarun Bhanot

Will establish 50-bed model hospital

Jabalpur, October 29, 2023:

On the third day of his public outreach campaign, Congress candidate and former Finance Minister, Tarun Bhanot, took to the streets in the West Jabalpur Assembly seat . He reached out to the residents of Garha Ward, including Shahinaka Main Road, Chapariya Mohalla, Durga Colony, Nabe Quarters, Bajaria, Takiya Mohalla, Garha Bazaar, and Bazaar Main Road, engaging with them and appealing for their support.

During his interactions, he highlighted that the right to education and information, akin to the Right to Information Act, were benefits that the Congress Party had bestowed upon the citizens during its tenures. He emphasized that every section of society had the right to mandatory education, thanks to the Congress Party’s policies. The Right to Information Act had empowered the nation’s citizens to access information about the workings of the elected governments. He asserted that it was an opportune moment for the Congress Party to propose the Health Rights Act in their election manifesto.

Tarun Bhanot expressed his gratitude to the central and state leadership of the Congress Party and explained that in their election manifesto, the party had proposed making health a legally enforceable right. This move would undoubtedly be a blessing for the citizens of the state, as it would guarantee the right to health for every individual. The Congress government would take the responsibility of ensuring the health of every citizen after enacting this law when they come to power.

He further added that after implementing this right, the government would consider significant investments in the public health sector at the state level. This would include the establishment of well-equipped 50-bed model hospitals in every legislative assembly segment , offering services like dialysis, CT scans, pathology labs, and neonatal care.

Currently, the State Cancer Institute is under the supervision of the local medical college, but for complex cancer cases, patients still need to seek treatment outside Jabalpur. If the Congress government comes into power, they will strive to complete the pending work of the State Cancer Institute immediately and equip it with state-of-the-art machines, ensuring that patients do not have to travel for complex surgeries and chemotherapy.

During his public outreach, Manish Patel, Khem Singh Thakur, Vinay Yadav, Rajkumar Patel, Ramesh Tiwari, Padmakar Ramteke, Prashant Awasthi, and many others were present to support the cause.