Rahul Gandhi Rallies Massive Support for Dr. Udit Raj and Kanhaiya Kumar at Ramlila Maidan”

Rahul Gandhi Rallies Massive Support for Dr. Udit Raj and Kanhaiya Kumar at Ramlila Maidan”

New Delhi, 18 May,2024 :

Rahul Gandhi, on behalf of the Indian National Congress and the INDIA Alliance, led a grand rally at Ramlila Maidan, Ashok Vihar, Delhi, today, in a powerful show of support for Dr. Udit Raj and Kanhaiya Kumar, the Congress Party’s India Alliance candidates from North West and North East Delhi, respectively.

The rally was strategically held at a venue that bridges two vital constituencies, utilizing the location’s unique position within the North West district but under the North East Lok Sabha constituency. This allowed the campaign to effectively engage with a broader audience, ensuring a significant impact across two critical electoral zones.

The event drew an unprecedented crowd, signaling a transformative shift in public sentiment within the capital. The large turnout underscored the growing public trust in the transformative policies promised by the Congress, especially the Nyay schemes — a cornerstone of the party’s commitment to ensuring economic justice and a minimum income guarantee for the poorest families.

Rahul Gandhi’s speech highlighted the Congress’ guarantees, including comprehensive healthcare, dignified minimum wages, and robust employment opportunities through the party’s initiative. (insert RG Speech input) His message emphasized that the forthcoming election is a pivotal moment for voters to choose policies that will ensure equity and prosperity for all.

The remarkable turnout at today’s rally is a clear indicator of the electorate’s endorsement of the Congress Party and India Alliance’s vision for a just and inclusive society. The enthusiastic response from the attendees also reflects a collective aspiration for a governance model that prioritizes social and economic justice.

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