Protests Intensify in Jabalpur Over BJP’s Abhilash Pandey in MP Elections 2023

Protests Intensify in Jabalpur Over BJP’s Abhilash Pandey in MP Elections 2023

Posters in North Central Assembly Attributed to Local Residents

27 October 2023 Jabalpur,Madhya Pradesh

Protests Escalate as “No Outsider” Posters Challenge BJP Leader Abhilash Pandey’s Candidature in Jabalpur North

In the lead-up to the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, the controversy surrounding BJP leader Abhilash Pandey’s candidacy for the Jabalpur North constituency has intensified. The city is now adorned with posters that emphatically declare, “No outsider candidates are wanted” and “No ticket, no vote.”

These posters have sprung up at various locations within the North Central Assembly area and purport to represent the sentiments of the local residents.

While the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) attempts to downplay the situation, labeling it a conspiracy against the party, the protests in Jabalpur North have been gaining momentum. Tensions rose when the BJP released its fifth list of candidates for the upcoming assembly elections and nominated Abhilash Pandey for the seat. Just days ago, supporters of other BJP leaders, Sharad Jain and Kamlesh Tiwari, created a commotion outside Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav’s office after being denied tickets.

Pandey’s nomination places him in direct competition with the incumbent Congress candidate, Vinay Saxena, who narrowly defeated Sharad Jain, a minister in the Shivraj government, in the 2018 elections by a margin of just 500 votes. This development has left the supporters of Sharad Jain and Kamlesh Tiwari disheartened, as both were vying for the Jabalpur North ticket.

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