Priyanka Gandhi Slams BJP’s ‘Ravan’ Poster Attack on Rahul Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi Slams BJP’s ‘Ravan’ Poster Attack on Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for prominently featuring her brother and party leader Rahul Gandhi in a graphic that portrays him with a bearded visage and seven heads, reminiscent of the mythological character Ravana.

Addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President JP Nadda, Priyanka Gandhi asked, “To what extent are you willing to lower the standards of politics and discourse? Do you endorse the violent and provocative tweets coming from your party’s official Twitter handle? It hasn’t been long since you took an oath to uphold principles. Have you forgotten your commitments and promises?” This statement was hardly translated from Hindi.

The BJP launched a harsh attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi by sharing the graphic on Thursday, which depicted him as the mythical character Ravana. The poster also linked Rahul Gandhi to George Soros, a billionaire investor accused of being involved in anti-India activities.

The BJP shared the graphic on their official account on the social media platform ‘X’ and captioned it, “India is in Danger. He is Evil. Anti Dharma. Anti Ram. His aim is to destroy Bharat.”

The graphic sparked a debate on social media, with supporters and critics offering various interpretations of its symbolism and intent. This incident underscores the intense political rivalry and polarization in India’s current political landscape.

Meanwhile, Congress general secretary KC Venugopal condemned the graphic of Rahul Gandhi shared by the BJP as “shameful.”

“No words are sufficient to condemn the ‘shameful’ graphic posted by the BJP, comparing Rahul Gandhi ji to Ravana. Their malicious intentions are evident; they seem to want to harm him, a person who has lost his grandmother and father to assassinations. They withdrew his SPG protection for trivial political gains,” Mr. Venugopal posted on ‘X’.