Polish Businesses Explore Collaborations in Gurugram

Polish Businesses Explore Collaborations in Gurugram

Gurugram, March 2nd 2024

A recent event, organized in collaboration with PHD Chambers of Commerce, aimed to foster connections between Polish and Gurugram businesses.

This initiative included the participation of Mr. Tomasz Szypula, Chairman of PTAK WARSAW Expo (Poland), and Mr. Kazimierz Cwikla, Vice President (Head of Development and Expansion).

During the gathering, Gurugram and Polish entrepreneurs engaged in a productive discussion focused on advancing and developing their respective industries. Notably, at the request of Mr. Gunjan Mehta, Chairman of the National Human Welfare Council and founder of the Gurugram Industrial Expo, Polish businesses agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Gurugram’s industrial organizations.

Additionally, a delegation of Gurugram businessmen was invited to visit Poland.Gurugram: A Hub for IndustryMr. Gunjan Mehta emphasized Gurugram’s position as a prominent center for the automotive, IT, and apparel industries. He highlighted that Poland hosts approximately 75 international fairs showcasing these very products annually.

Recognizing the potential for collaboration, Mr. Mehta, who actively engages with businesses in India and abroad, facilitated this meeting to connect Indian exporters and manufacturers with Polish counterparts seeking raw materials for their garment industry.

Meeting Attendees and Significance of the MoUThe gathering featured representatives from various sectors, including entrepreneurs associated with the Udyog Vihar garment sector, Chief Pattern Colonel Raj Singhla, PHDCCI Deputy Secretary General Naveen Seth, Shri Rajneesh, President of the Chambers of Commerce Udyog Vihar Association, Shri AK Kohli, and Col. Raj Singhla.Commenting on the signed MoU, Mr. Gunjan Mehta declared, “This agreement will act as a catalyst for industrial growth in both countries, propelling their economies towards sustained progress.”

Furthermore, he extended an invitation to Gurugram industry leaders to visit Poland as a delegation to gain insights into both nations’ businesses, demand trends, and product and service quality. This initiative, readily accepted by the Polish Chairman of PTAK WARSAW EXPO, underscores the commitment to fostering meaningful collaboration between these two regions.

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