MP Election 2023: PM Modi’s Maiden Visit to Morena – Full Preparations Underway

MP Election 2023: PM Modi’s Maiden Visit to Morena – Full Preparations Underway

Stringent Security Measures: 1000 Soldiers Deployed by Morena Police for Protection

8 November 2023 Morena (Madhya Pradesh)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit the Morena district within the Chambal division this coming Wednesday. The high-profile meeting at the Battalion Police Parade Ground in Morena has prompted thorough preparations. Notably, senior BJP leaders from both Delhi and Bhopal are expected to attend.

In anticipation of the event, Morena police have implemented stringent security measures. Approximately 1000 soldiers have been deployed, strategically stationed around the parade ground and along all routes leading to Morena city to ensure the security of the area. A specialized team comprising officers of ASP, SP, and ADGP ranks has been mobilized to oversee these security operations.

Further fortifying security, the NSG team arrived in Morena two days prior to the event to meticulously plan and coordinate essential security arrangements. A strict no-fly zone spanning 3 kilometers from the helipad to the event venue has been enforced for safety reasons.

The BJP District President Yogeshpal Gupta estimates a significant turnout of around 100,000 individuals from the Gwalior-Chambal division for the Prime Minister’s address. Superintendent of Police Shailendra Singh Chauhan is vigilantly overseeing the entire security apparatus. Both ground and aerial surveillance are being meticulously maintained by the police force.

The Prime Minister is expected to address the public in support of the BJP candidates from the division during the event. Security agencies have pinpointed three safe locations for the Prime Minister’s stay during his visit to Morena: the Summer House, Jiwaji Club, and the office of the Protected Inspector in Police Lines have been designated as safe homes.

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