Kirti Kulhari’s International Debut in “Sach Is Life”

Kirti Kulhari’s International Debut in “Sach Is Life”

“Sach is Life” Portrays the Inspiring Journey of Parents of a Child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

17 October 2023

Acclaimed actor Kirti Kulhari is set to make her international debut in the upcoming feature film “Sach is Life.” The slice-of-life movie, directed by Harsh Mahadeshwar, is inspired by the remarkable true story of an Indian immigrant family residing in the United States.

Produced by Romila Saraf Bhat, Rahul Bhat, and Red Bison Productions based in Princeton, New Jersey, “Sach is Life” centers around the Munshi family’s journey. The film portrays the compelling story of a devoted couple who remain unwavering in their determination to provide their three-year-old son, diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, with the life he deserves.

Kirti Kulhari, who takes on the role of the mother, Daisy Munshi, expressed her excitement about starring in the film and the significance of it marking her international debut. Known for her powerful performances in projects like “Four More Shots Please!,” “Criminal Justice,” “Pink,” and “Human,” she emphasized that “Sach is Life” encapsulates a narrative of transcending challenging circumstances to celebrate the power of unconditional love and the indomitable human spirit.

While the project is helmed by a team from the United States, it remains rooted in an Indian storyline. Kirti conveyed her enthusiasm about collaborating with a crew from the U.S. and working outside of India, emphasizing her commitment to making it a film everyone will be proud of.

“Sach is Life” is scheduled to commence filming around April of the coming year. The movie will be shot in various locations, including Kashmir, New Delhi, New Orleans, New Jersey, and New York. Kirti has been diligently preparing for the film for the last few months, including meetings with the writer-director to delve into the script’s intricacies and character nuances.

Prior to filming, the plan is to conduct extensive workshops and script revisions to bring this inspiring story to life. As part of her preparation, Kirti will also meet Daisy Munshi, the character she is set to portray. She shared her eagerness to gain insight into Daisy’s life, personality, and mannerisms, recognizing the challenging and intense nature of the role.

Additionally, “Sach is Life” features actor Jim Sarbh in the cast, with further details about the film eagerly anticipated.

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