Karnataka Bans Artificial Colors in Kebabs: Ensuring Safer and Healthier Food

Karnataka Bans Artificial Colors in Kebabs: Ensuring Safer and Healthier Food

Earlier in March, the Karnataka government also banned the use of artificial colors in ‘Gobi Manchurian’ and ‘Cotton Candy’ in the state because of their negative impact on public health.

New Delhi, 25th June 2024

Recently aimed at safeguarding public health, the Karnataka government has announced a ban on the use of artificial colors in kebabs and other meat products. This decision comes after growing concerns about the potential health risks associated with artificial food additives.

Health Risks Prompt Regulatory Measures
The ban was implemented following studies that highlighted the adverse effects of artificial colors on human health. These chemicals have been associated with allergies, hyperactivity in youngsters, and even some types of cancer. The government hopes to lower health hazards and promote healthier eating habits among citizens by removing these dangerous ingredients from popular foods such as kebabs.

Emphasis on Natural Ingredients

The new regulations encourage food vendors and restaurants to use natural ingredients and spices to enhance the color and flavor of their dishes. This shift not only promotes healthier eating but also supports local agriculture by increasing demand for natural produce.

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Positive Response from Public and Health Experts
The decision has been well-received by both the public and health experts. Many residents have expressed relief, citing concerns over the long-term consumption of artificial additives. Health professionals have praised the move, stating that it is a crucial step towards improving the overall health of the population.

Compliance and Enforcement
To ensure compliance with the new regulations, the Karnataka Food Safety and Standards Authority (KFSSA) will conduct regular inspections of food establishments.Non-compliance could result in hefty fines and even the revocation of business licenses. The government has also launched awareness campaigns to educate food vendors about the benefits of using natural ingredients

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