IJM Toyota Gurugram celebrates one year with a Hybrid Cars Drive

IJM Toyota Gurugram celebrates one year with a Hybrid Cars Drive

Praise for hospitality and memorable experience by IJM

Delhi-NCR’s preferred Toyota dealer IJM completes one year of service

Delhi, December 24, 2023:

IJM Toyota Gurugram, a leading dealer partner for Toyota vehicles in Delhi NCR, marked its first anniversary in grand style with a unique “Let’s Go Hybrid” convoy drive for its valued Hybrid car customers. The event, held on Sunday, December 24th, 2023, impressed participants with IJM Toyota Gurugram’s exceptional hospitality and focused on creating memorable experiences.

The drive flagged off from IJM Toyota Gurugram’s newly launched workshop at Hero Honda Chowk, symbolizing the company’s commitment to innovation and expansion. In his address, CEO Mr. Himanshu Jaisinghani shared his vision for the workshop as an “exclusive property” where new concepts and product innovations will be showcased annually. He emphasized his dedication to making the customer journey not only seamless but also entertaining and informative, echoing the spirit of the Hybrid Convoy Drive.

Mr. Jaisinghani expressed his confidence in achieving remarkable sales figures and exceeding customer satisfaction in 2024. His focus on maintaining top consumer ratings and becoming the undisputed leader in sales and service underscores IJM Toyota Gurugram’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Hybrid Convoy Drive itself was a delightful mix of adventure and entertainment. Participants enjoyed navigating the route in their Toyota Hybrid cars, experiencing the thrill of the open road while appreciating the environmental benefits of hybrid technology. Stand-up comedy and a scrumptious Christmas brunch added to the festive atmosphere, creating lasting memories for all involved.
CEO Mr Himanshu Jaisinghani lauded the efforts of make in India, under which all the vehicle parts are now available in India at Toyota Bangalore.

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