Heal your body, mind, and soul with Ayurveda products from the ‘Oushadhi’ stall at Kerala Pavilion

Heal your body, mind, and soul with Ayurveda products from the ‘Oushadhi’ stall at Kerala Pavilion

‘Oushadhi’ stall at Kerala Pavilion offers more than 800 medicines including lifestyle diseases

Ayurvedic medicines at prices ranging from Rs.45 to Rs.250

New Delhi, November 15, 2023:

Discover a solution for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol at the ‘Oushadhi’ stall. Offering over 800 medicines, including those for lifestyle diseases, prices range from Rs. 45 to Rs. 250, with a ten percent discount for visitors at the India-International Trade Fair. Neelam Sharma, a 65-year-old from Delhi, attests to the effectiveness of herbal oil for chronic knee pain, endorsing ‘Oushadhi’ to friends and relatives. Manoj Kumar, a Haryana native, praises herbal medicine for managing diabetes and reducing acidity during busy work.

Renowned for Ayurvedic treatments, Kerala attracts locals and foreigners seeking comprehensive healthcare. Neelam Sharma, a 65-year-old resident of Delhi, underlines that herbal oil is the best remedy for her chronic knee pain.

Neelam Sharma , 70 year old lady from Kolkata who visited Kerala Pavilion says that she not only visits Oushadhi’s stall every year, but also recommends medicines to her relatives and friends as it is very effective and has helped her in relieving her knee pain.

Shaad Kabir, a native of Haryana and a truck driver, who came here, said that he is taking herbal medicine ‘ prameha oushadhi’ regularly to control his diabetes. He added that herbal medicines are also effective in reducing the acidity that occurs during busy work.

Kerala is a state famous for Ayurvedic treatments and medicines. The science of Ayurvedic medicine teaches us in detail and comprehensively how to preserve the life span that every person has been given, and how to eliminate diseases if they occur. And also explains how to live and behave in society. Due to the presence of all these qualities, lakhs of locals and foreigners flock to Kerala for Ayurvedic treatment every year.

This ‘oushadi’ of the Kerala government is the last word for Ayurvedic medicines in Kerala. oushadhi markets 39 patent products and 800 classic products in two categories. About 800 products are being manufactured. These include Asavarishta, Thylams, Kritams, Churna, Sushmachuran and Bhasma among the classic products. Patented products include prameha oushadhi to control diabetes, Lipocare to control cholesterol and Cardocare to control blood pressure. These include Sorsi oil, Sorsi Ointment for skin care, Face packs for beauty care, Rumajith- wound ointments and ointments to prevent diseases like knee pain.

Pharmaceutical Corporation Kerala Limited, popularly known oushadhi, is an Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit wholly owned by the Government of Kerala. It is the largest public-sector manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines in the country. Oushadhi is the sole supplier of medicines to government hospitals and dispensaries in Kerala and 19 other states. Oushadhi has a modern complete factory with state-of-the-art technology at Kuttanellur in Thrissur district of Kerala . A golden opportunity to get a closer look at the workings and achievements of oushadhi and to buy various Ayurvedic products at reasonable rate has been prepared through the stalls at the India-International Trade Fair.