Gurjar community threatens massive protest in Delhi if their demands are not met

Gurjar community threatens massive protest in Delhi if their demands are not met

Gurjar community in Gwalior to carry out a jail fill-up protest against police brutality

To start nationwide protest from October 12 onwards if demands are not met

New Delhi, October 4:

At a press conference held at the Delhi Press Club, Shri Raviendra Singh Bhati, the National President of the Rashtriya Yuva Gurjar Swabhiman Sangharsh Samiti, announced that on September 25th, in the Phool Bagh ground in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, there were incidents of high-handedness by administrative officials against the Gurjar community. This included caste-based discrimination and police brutality (such as firing tear gas shells, rubber bullets, and attacking the elderly with batons) while the Gurjar community was protesting for their demands. In response, the Gurjar community will begin a jail fill-up protest on October 12th. If any untoward incident occurs during this protest, the entire responsibility will lie with the Madhya Pradesh government and administration.

Advocate Divakar Bidhudi Gurjar, the President of the Gurjar Art and Culture Trust, stated during a press conference that the level of authoritarianism by the police administration has reached such a low point that even the arrest of sisters and daughters is being carried out with humiliation at police stations. The police administration is filing serious cases against innocent people and engaging in illegal extortion. Cases are being registered against youth, jeopardizing their future.

Shri Antaram Tanwar said that Madhya Pradesh government should immediately cease this authoritarian behavior. We will not tolerate the humiliation of our mothers, sisters, and our community. He emphasized that the administrative hooliganism and authoritarianism have reached an extreme level. The peaceful and non-violent movement of the society can be compared to the British rule, with armed police officers pointing guns at unarmed youths, as evident in viral video footage.

Sargam Lohiya ji raised the issue of the oppression of women by the administration.

Rashtriya Yuva Gurjar Swabhiman Sangharsh Samiti in Gwalior, along with the Gurjar community, stands united against the extreme oppression of Gurjars from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. If the Gwalior administration and the Madhya Pradesh government do not promptly dismiss false cases against innocent people, put an end to illegal extortion and oppression, and release those who have been unjustly arrested, then on October 12th, thousands of Gurjars from various parts of the country will initiate a jail fill-up protest in Gwalior in large numbers. Furthermore, if their demands are not met, this protest may escalate to a nationwide movement. During this press conference, Mr. Antaram Tanwar, President of the National Gurjar Coordination Committee, Mr. Divakar Bidhudi Gurjar, and Ms. Sargam Lohiya, President of Veerangana Ram Pyari Gurjar Trust, were also present.

Main demands include:

  1. The false cases and awards imposed on Gurjar community members who held a Mahapanchayat on September 25th regarding various issues should be withdrawn.
  2. The removal of Gurjar Samrat Mihir Bhoj’s statue from Gwalior Square, as it is a matter of reverence for millions of people in the country.
  3. The board of Gurjar Pratihara rulers removed from the Boreshwar Temple in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, should be reinstated.
  4. Justice and financial assistance should be provided to the family of innocent Akash Gurjar, who was killed in a fake encounter.
  5. Wherever the term “Gurjar” has been removed from historical buildings, it should be reinstated.
  6. The establishment of a Gurjar regiment in the Indian Army.
  7. The practice of caste-based reservation in police stations in Gwalior should be ended.
  8. The Gurjar community should be represented in politics based on their population.