Gen Next” Virtual Design Festival 2024: A Resounding Success Shaping Future Design Leaders

Gen Next” Virtual Design Festival 2024: A Resounding Success Shaping Future Design Leaders

New Delhi, February 18, 2024:

The “Gen Next” Virtual Design Festival 2024, a collaboration between Collegedunia and AIDAT, has been nothing short of a triumph since its inauguration in January.
The Virtual Design Festival will started in January , 2024 will go on till June, 2024.
Three master classes, conducted in partnership with institutions like JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, Manipal University, Jaipur, and Vedatya Institute, Gurugram, have drawn over 1000 registrations and engaged more than 800 attendees.

Participants participated into sessions led by national-level faculty, delving into crucial skills for excelling in the design realm, such as navigating AI integration in design, exploring fashion career paths, understanding UX, honing product design abilities, and embracing sustainable practices.

“This festival is a perfect example to the growing importance of design education in India,” said Sumit Jha, a participant. “The opportunity to learn from industry experts and engage with fellow enthusiasts is invaluable for aspiring designers.”

“This platform provides a unique space for aspiring designers to showcase their talents and connect with mentors,” added Aakriti Khanna, another participant. “The emphasis on hands-on learning and personalized guidance is truly commendable.”

The festival offers an array of opportunities for participants to enhance their skills and foster creativity:

Master Classes: Immerse yourself in the insights of design luminaries, preparing for the challenges of higher education.
Design Contests: Display your talent on a national stage, pushing the boundaries of creativity.
Career Guidance: Forge connections with design icons for personalized insights shaping your creative journey.
Virtual Workshops: Engage in hands-on learning to refine your craft.
Brainstorm Sessions: Cultivate innovation through unconventional thinking.
Personalized Learning: Tailor your experience with a curated selection of sessions.
Enrollment is open for aspiring designers eager to unlock their potential. Simply follow the steps to secure your front-row seat and participate in monthly contests to showcase your brilliance.

In conjunction with the festival, AIDAT introduces the All India Design Aptitude Test (AIDAT), simplifying the application process for prestigious design programs across renowned universities, ensuring a transformative journey for design aspirants.

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