Election 2024: Incoming government must focus on unemployment and infrastructure, demand Delhi Voters

Election 2024: Incoming government must focus on unemployment and infrastructure, demand Delhi Voters

New Delhi, May 25, 2024:

Voting for the sixth phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections was held on Saturday across the nation, including polling at all seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi. A total of 13,641 polling stations were set up across 2,627 locations in the national capital where voting started at 7 AM and concluded at 6 PM. In conversations with Delhi voters, many emphasized that the new government, regardless of which party comes to power, should prioritize reducing unemployment, improving infrastructure, and tackling inflation. This focus is necessary for the common people to lead happier lives, and some voters expressed a desire for significant changes in the country.

Manoj Sharma, a voter recovering from major surgery, shared his perspective and said that voting is the right of every Indian citizen. He urged educated youth and others to ensure they exercise their right to vote under all circumstances, as it is crucial for the country’s progress. He felt proud to contribute to the nation’s development and hoped that the new government would address issues relevant to people from all walks of life. Major concerns highlighted include inflation, unemployment, and the heavy GST on essential items.

On the other hand, voter Haider Ali Ashrafi criticized the Election Commission’s promises about providing facilities at polling stations, stating that there were no coolers inside, and the drinking water provided had become hot due to the heat, making it undrinkable and causing inconvenience to the voters.

Another voter, Ankit Pal, expressed his excitement about casting his vote, something he had eagerly awaited for the past month. His anticipation grew when he received his voting slip. He hopes the incoming government will focus on unemployment, GDP growth, and infrastructure.

Vanshika Mahajan, who came to vote for the first time with her mother, emphasized that as a girl, she wants the new government to pay special attention to the education and safety of women and girls. Meanwhile, another voter, Sohail, expressed uncertainty about posting his first-time voting photo. He cast his precious vote for his preferred candidate and is now looking forward to the results on June 4th.

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