Dual citizenship can be beneficial to the country, says MP Giridhari Yadav, appreciating the effort

Dual citizenship can be beneficial to the country, says MP Giridhari Yadav, appreciating the effort

MPs views on dual citizenship discussed at consultation conference

Indian Diaspora Global’s “Keep the Door Open” conference sees MPs discuss dual citizenship

Dual citizenship demanded for global Indian diaspora

New Delhi, January 16, 2024:

A group of Indian-origin individuals, Indian Diaspora Global, has launched a “Keep the Door Open” campaign to advocate for dual citizenship for the Indian diaspora around the world. The campaign aims to address the challenges faced by Indian migrants who are forced to give up their Indian citizenship when they acquire citizenship in another country due to the current rules. To discuss the legal, constitutional, social, cultural, economic, and legislative aspects of dual citizenship in India in depth, Indian Diaspora Global held a consultation conference at the Constitutional Club of India in Delhi on Tuesday. MP of Banka, Lok Sabha, Shri Giridhari Yadav, was present as the chief guest at the consultation conference. Meanwhile, during this time, the founder and chairman of Diaspora Global, Mr. Melwyn Williams, the Mahamandaleshwar and national president of Shri Guru Ravidas Vishwa Mahapeeth Bharat, Shri Suresh Rathore, Indian Diaspora Global Country Head Advocate Saju Francis, Senior journalist and Program Moderator Mr. Vinay Kumar and Shri Mannu Singh Tomar were present.

Chief Guest Shri Giridhari Yadav said that dual citizenship could be beneficial for India. He said that many developed countries, such as the United States, have dual citizenship. He also said that India should consider dual citizenship, as it would allow Indian migrants to maintain their ties with India even if they live in another country.

Melwyn Williams, founder and chairman of Indian Diaspora Global, said that dual citizenship would help to keep Indian migrants connected to their roots. He said that many Indian migrants who move abroad for education or work eventually become citizens of their adopted countries. This can lead to a loss of talent and investment for India. Dual citizenship would help to prevent this by allowing Indian migrants to maintain their Indian citizenship.

Sri Guru Ravidas Vishwa Mahapeeth Bharat’s Mahamandaleshwar and National President and MLA Suresh Rathore said, “Dual citizenship is a sensitive issue. In such a case, a person will also become a minister in the Pakistani government and also a minister in the Indian government, it cannot be so. The government needs to think about this.”

Senior journalist and moderator of the event Vinay Kumar said, “We all know the power of the Indian diaspora. Describing it as a burning issue, he said that whether it is the Prime Minister’s foreign tour or any other occasion, we have all seen a glimpse of the power of the Indian diaspora. Dual citizenship is a sensitive issue for India. Today, a woman of Indian origin is the Vice President of the US, the power of the Indian diaspora is increasing with time.”

Mannu Singh Tomar said, “Dual citizenship is a very important issue and we will all work together to take this demand forward. This issue is very important for crores of people of Indian origin living abroad.”

While giving a vote of thanks, Indian Diaspora Global Country Head Advocate Saju Francis said, “The Citizenship Act’s Article 9 has been ignored regarding dual citizenship. Under this section, whenever an Indian citizen takes citizenship of another country, his Indian citizenship is lost. Under this, the person has to be given a notice. Meanwhile, in Germany, whenever someone voluntarily takes citizenship of another country, the government counsels him.”

It is worth mentioning that this consultation conference provided a platform for discussion on the views of parliamentarians regarding dual citizenship. The program highlighted the global trend of allowing dual citizenship and emphasized its positive impact on the economic, educational, and cultural welfare of individuals.

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