Dr. Udit Raj speaks out, highlights Congress’ manifesto (5 justices and 25 guarantees), attacks RSS/BJP ideology

Dr. Udit Raj speaks out, highlights Congress’ manifesto (5 justices and 25 guarantees), attacks RSS/BJP ideology

Engaged with people at Rohini’s Swarn Jayanti Park, discussing Lok Sabha elections and distributing Congress’ justice manifesto

New Delhi, April 10, 2024 :

Dr. Udit Raj , National Chairman, KKC and National Spokesperson Congress
met with people at Rohini’s Swarn Jayanti Park on Wednesday and discussed the Lok Sabha elections with them, distributing Congress’ justice manifesto. During this campaign, he stated that the Congress manifesto not only challenges the ideology of RSS/BJP but also speaks about the needs and rights of SC/ST/OBC/Minorities and the secular public. BJP cannot talk about everyone’s interests, so they are indirectly addressing them. He said that BJP has abandoned the empowerment of these groups and has also taken away the rights given by the former Congress government. He also raised his voice against privatization and the contractor system in government jobs.

During the outreach campaign, while sharing his views with the people, he said that BJP is alarmed by the talk of removing the 50 percent limit on caste census and reservations. BJP’s ideal figure, Savarkar, had talked about adopting Manusmriti instead of the current constitution. On December 12, 1949, the RSS had burnt the effigy of the Constitution and Dr. Ambedkar. RSS chief Golwalkar had said in 1940 that it’s better to remain enslaved by the British than to have Dalits, backward classes, and minorities in power after the British leave. How can those who harbor such hatred tolerate Congress’ inclusive manifesto? BJP leaders keep talking about ending the Constitution, and this conspiracy is also behind the slogans of crossing 400 seats.

He said that BJP’s policies and manifestos associated with RSS are pushing Dalits, Adivasis, backward classes, and minorities towards slavery. The participation of the Muslim community in government jobs and education is not even close to equal, yet the false issue of Hindu-Muslim is being raised. BJP is alarmed by the mention of 30 million permanent jobs, while it failed to provide 1 million jobs during its 10-year tenure. The country’s youth are not demanding answers from Prime Minister Modi, hence the Muslim League’s influence is being created.

He said that BJP is not digesting Congress’ five justice manifesto and 25 guarantees. BJP government’s policies benefit big capitalists directly and indirectly, and the economic, social, and political power of the backward class is completely under control.

He shared Congress’ five justice manifesto with the people:

  1. Youth Justice – What about Muslim League?
    • Guaranteed apprenticeship of Rs. 1 lakh for every educated youth.
    • Fill all vacant positions as per the calendar.
    • Freedom from paper leaks: New laws and policies will prevent paper leaks.
    • Gig worker security: Better work rules and complete social security for gig workers.
    • Youth Enlightenment: A new startup fund of Rs. 5,000 crore.
  2. Women’s Justice – What about Muslim League?
    • Mahalakshmi: Rs. 1 lakh annually to a woman from every poor family, half the population, full right.
    • 50% reservation for women in new central government jobs, Respect for Power: Higher salaries for ASHA, Mid-Day Meal, and Anganwadi workers, with double government contribution.
    • Friendship Rights: A friend who provides legal rights and information about government schemes to women, in every panchayat.
    • Savitribai Phule Hostel: Double hostel for working women.
  3. Farmer Justice – What about Muslim League?
    • Right price: Legal guarantee of MSP, along with the Swaminathan formula.
    • Debt relief: Permanent committee for effective implementation of loan waiver plan, Direct transfer of insurance payment: Money transferred to the account within 30 days of crop loss.
    • Right import-export policy: A new import-export policy will be made according to the advice of farmers, GST-free farming: GST will be removed from everything necessary for farming.
  4. Worker Justice – What about Muslim League?
    • Respect for labor: Daily wages of at least Rs. 400, also applicable in MNREGA, Everyone’s health right: Health cover of Rs. 25 lakh: Free treatment, hospital, doctor, medicine, test, surgery, Urban employment guarantee: A new scheme like MNREGA for cities, Social security – life and accident insurance for unorganized workers, Secure employment – contract system will be abolished in major government works.
  5. Partnership Justice – What about Muslim League?
    • Count: Count of every person, every class for social and economic equality, Right to reservation: Removing the 50% limit by constitutional amendment for SC/ST/OBC to full reservation, Legal guarantee of all plans for SC/ST – As much budget as SC/ST population; that is, more partnership, Legal rights of water-forest-land – Decision of forest rights law will be taken within 1 year, Own land, own rule – Congress will schedule those settlements in the scheduled areas where the tribals are the largest social group.

People’s Say

During this outreach, local people praised this manifesto. A regular jogger at the park Sanjay said that after knowing the manifesto, it seems to be related to the common people. While another morning walker, Ram Lal, said that if Congress does this for the common people, then no one can stop it from winning the elections.

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