Dr. Udit Raj Hosts Meet-up with Social Media Influencers and Party Leaders from AAP and Congress in North West Delhi

Dr. Udit Raj Hosts Meet-up with Social Media Influencers and Party Leaders from AAP and Congress in North West Delhi

New Delhi

Dr. Udit Raj, the joint candidate from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the INDIA alliance in the North West Lok Sabha seat in Delhi, hosted a crucial meet-up with social media influencers and key mediapersons on Sunday. The meeting, held at a prominent location, was attended by social media in-charges from both the Congress and AAP, along with the social media presidents of various assemblies.

Speaking about the significance of the meet-up, Dr. Udit Raj emphasized the role of social media in modern politics, stating, “Social media has become a powerful tool for political communication and engagement. We are here to discuss how we can leverage upon the social media to make our voices heard to the masses and propagate our manifesto and objectives. It allows us to connect directly with the people, share our vision, and address their concerns.”

Attacking BJP IT Cell, Dr Udit Raj said, “The BJP has given a big jolt to social fabric by fabricating false narratives against our leaders and fake allegations with the tools of social media. It has broken the communal harmony of the society. Subsequently, it has divided the people on religious lines. This malpractice must be stopped. The BJP IT Cell is doing a serious disservice to the nation by planting malicious agenda and propaganda. Today we call them out for their actions.”

Soniya Singh, Social Media Lok Sabha Adhyaksha (AAP), emphasized the need for constructive dialogue, stating, “In today’s digital age, it’s essential to engage with diverse perspectives. This meet-up allowed us to discuss key issues and plan effective strategies for the upcoming elections. AAP is aware about the changes and challenges of social media. Hence, we are also on our toes to counter fake narratives in election by the BJP.”

AAP’s Manjesh Kumar, District President, Social Media (Badli) highlighted the importance of collaboration, saying, “This meet-up provided us with a platform to exchange ideas, strategies, and best practices in electoral system. Together, we can amplify our voices and reach a wider audience.”

Devesh Vishwakarma, District President, Social Media (Rohini, AAP), echoed this sentiment, adding, “It was inspiring to see leaders from different parties come together for a common goal. This unity will strengthen our digital presence and impact in the Lok Sabha election. We are able to reach scores of audiences via various tools of social media.”

Kamal Bhalla from the Congress party expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, “This meet-up marks the beginning of a new era of cooperation between parties. Together, we can leverage the power of social media to drive positive change and progress.”

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