Dr. Udit Raj files nomination from North-West Delhi, massive supports seen in his roadshow

Dr. Udit Raj files nomination from North-West Delhi, massive supports seen in his roadshow

# Unity of India Alliance seen at Nomination

# All MLAs and councillors of AAP, including Delhi Congress,  President Shri Devendra Yadav and Gopal Rai, AAP Delhi President Shri Gopal Rai were  present

# Heavy turnout witnessed for nomination

New Delhi, May 3, 2024

Dr. Udit Raj, the India Alliance candidate from the North-West Delhi Lok Sabha seat, filed his nomination on Friday, reaching the Returning Officer’s office in Kanjhawala after receiving blessings from women and elders at his Central Election Office at Rohini sector 24 office. It is being said in the area regarding Dr. Udit Raj that ‘the rule of a new dawn is certain’ and Dr. Udit Raj will win the election with a margin on more than 5 Lakhs votes. Before his nomination, a massive crowd gathered at the organized roadshow, showcasing their support for the Congress this time on this seat. Meanwhile, unity of India Alliance was also observed during this time. During this, Devendra Yadav, Delhi Congress interim President, Gopal Rai, AAP Delhi Pradesh President,  Ch. Veerendra Singh, Congress senior leader  along with 8 out of 9 AAP MLAs from North-West Delhi, including Rakhi Birla, Radhuvendra Shaukin, Mukesh Ahlawat, Dharampal Lakra, Jay Bhagwan, Sharad Kumar Chauhan, Ajeesh Yadav, Mohinder Goyal, were present, and due to pre-scheduled engagements, instead of Kiradi MLA Rituraj, his wife joined. All AAP councillors also arrived for the nomination.

Before the nomination, a roadshow was organized for Dr. Udit Raj. His convoy left from his main office in Rohini Sector 24 at 10:30 AM. Starting from Begampur while being Rohini Sector 23, passing through Karala village, reached the District Commissioner’s Office in Kanjhawala. During this roadshow, seeing the massive crowd, Dr. Udit Raj said, ‘Perhaps no candidate in Delhi’s history has seen such a turnout for nomination. This is the final battle to save democracy. There is no alternative; we must win this battle at all costs.’ He also thanked the public and supporters for participating in his roadshow in large numbers. During this time, all MLAs also addressed the public and urged their entire cadre to rally behind Dr. Udit Raj with full energy.

Veerendra Singh said, ‘Now is not the time to lag behind; it is time to win Dr. Udit Raj. We must advance the symbol of our hands everywhere.’ Meanwhile, Delhi Pradesh Congress President Devendra Yadav said, ‘The wind in Delhi has changed, and its result will be seen on June 4. Before that, people are requested to just do their work and press the button on the symbol.’

MLA Rakhi Birla said, ‘The end of the tyrannical government is near, and this time, the India Alliance is set to win all seven Lok Sabha seats. The public has made up their mind to change the government after seeing Kejriwal getting arrested without any proof.’

During Dr. Udit Raj’s nomination,  Devendra Yadav, Delhi Congress interim President, Gopal Rai, Delhi AAP President, Ch. Veerendra Singh, Senior Congress Leader & former Union Minister, Kamal Kant Sharma, Congress senior leader and Observer for the Lok Sabha constituency  were among the dignitaries present.

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