Discontent Brews Within BJP as Congress Seizes Opportunity in MP Elections

Discontent Brews Within BJP as Congress Seizes Opportunity in MP Elections

October 4, 2023

In a surprising turn of events in Madhya Pradesh’s political landscape, discontent is brewing within the BJP ranks. The trigger for this discord can be traced back to the announcement of candidates for the 2023 MP elections, particularly on the Depalpur seat in the Malwa region.

The BJP had fielded Manoj Patel as their candidate for the Depalpur seat, a move that did not sit well with the party’s grassroots workers. They vehemently demanded that Rajendra Chaudhary be given the ticket instead. This decision led to tensions simmering within the party, and it all came to a head when Minister Tulsi Silavat visited the party office in Sanwer.

During Silavat’s visit, BJP workers protested vehemently, brandishing slogans and banners, effectively surrounding the minister. They insisted that Silavat convey their demands to V.D. Sharma, the party’s state president. Their message was clear: If Rajendra Chaudhary isn’t given the ticket for Depalpur, the BJP risks losing crucial votes in the region.

The dissatisfaction within the BJP’s ranks arises from their decision to nominate Manoj Patel, who had previously contested and lost in the 2018 Assembly elections. Critics argue that giving a second chance to a candidate who had faced defeat disregards the dedication and efforts of local party workers.

Rajendra Chaudhary’s supporters within the BJP accuse the party of setting a wrong precedent by sidelining a long-serving leader who has been a prominent voice for the party in the region. This internal strife may have significant consequences for the BJP in the wider Malwa region if not resolved.

As discontent brews within the BJP, the Congress party watches closely, sensing an opportunity to capitalize on the disarray in their rival’s camp. This development adds an intriguing twist to the upcoming MP elections, as the Congress seeks to make the most of the situation and bolster its chances in the state.