Delhi’s Air Quality Sees Improvement at 369 AQI After Rainfall

Delhi’s Air Quality Sees Improvement at 369 AQI After Rainfall

Delhi’s Air Quality Marginally Improves with Rainfall and Favorable Winds

28 November 2023 , New Delhi

Benefiting from rain and favorable wind conditions, Delhi experienced a slight improvement in air quality, offering respite after weeks of grappling with severe pollution levels. Numerous areas in the capital had consistently registered ‘severe’ Air Quality Index (AQI) readings. On Tuesday morning, the overall AQI in Delhi was measured at 369, showing a modest enhancement from the previous day.

The positive change was attributed to a recorded rainfall of 7.2 mm until 8:30 pm on Monday, coupled with an increased wind speed of 20 kilometers per hour. These conditions facilitated the dispersion of pollutants, according to an official from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), who shared this information with PTI. By 10 pm, Delhi’s AQI had improved to 387, showcasing a decline from 395 at 4 pm and 400 at 9 am.

Residents, such as Vipin Kumar from Lodhi Road, expressed relief and optimism. He remarked, “Morning walks would feel good today. The weather is pleasant after the rainfall.” Another resident, Uday Pratap Singh, echoed the sentiment, stating, “There is some relief. The pollution was intense, but it has improved after the rain. It feels good.”

This season, Delhi faced a significant pollution challenge, with November witnessing 10 days of severe air quality compared to just three days in the same month last year. A collaborative effort between the Delhi government and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Kanpur identified biomass burning as the primary contributor, accounting for 31 to 51 percent of the pollution in the capital over the recent days.

In response, the Delhi government has instructed relevant agencies to closely monitor the situation and ensure strict implementation of anti-pollution measures targeting vehicles and biomass burning. The adverse weather conditions on Monday led to the diversion of at least 16 flights between 6 pm and 8 pm at the Delhi airport.

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