Concern over JN.1 led to the disclosure of 594 new illnesses.

Concern over JN.1 led to the disclosure of 594 new illnesses.

21 December 2023

The Health Ministry announced an increase in cases at the same time as the notification of the growing number of the new sub-variant. 21 cases of the JN.1 Covid variant have been confirmed in India, drawing national attention and raising concerns. JN.1 is now considered to be a variation of interest by the World Health Organisation (WHO), different from its parent lineage BA.2.86. The global health organisation notes that, according to available data, the overall danger posed by JN.1 is still minimal. Experts quickly calm concerns by highlighting the efficacy of current treatments and the mild nature of the sickness, even as the Union Health Ministry stresses the need for prudence.

JN.1 cases have been identified in Goa in excess of 19, with one case each in Kerala and Maharashtra.

Professional views and information about the developing circumstances related to the JN.1 Covid version in India. Remain aware and watchful.

According to data from the Union health ministry, India saw 594 new Covid-19 infections on Thursday, while the total number of active cases rose to 2,669 from 2,311 the day before.