Celebrating Ecological Peace: United Nations Peacekeepers Day with Phuro Innovations

Celebrating Ecological Peace: United Nations Peacekeepers Day with Phuro Innovations

A Vision for “Fit for the Future, Building Together” Highlighted at the Press Club of India

29th May, 2024, New Delhi:

Phuro Innovations hosted its inaugural press conference to present its vision for “Ecological Peace,” aligned with the theme “Fit for the Future, Building Together” on UN Peacekeepers Day at the Press Club of India, New Delhi. The event emphasized the necessity of achieving peace with Mother Earth for a sustainable future. Innovative solutions and white papers addressing Delhi’s AQI-related problems were shared.

The conference brought together experts from various fields to honor fallen heroes and evoke the consciousness of Mahatma Gandhi, emphasizing the values of peace and its role in a healthy society.

Under the capable leadership of Founder Rachna Sharma, a founding member of Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs and an alumna of Harvard Business School, the press meet highlighted the urgent need for a forward-thinking institution focused on implementing tangible solutions with clear processes and goals. Sharma urged the government to empower such an institution, illustrated by a Venn Diagram of Peace showcasing shared philosophies to tackle climate-related issues collaboratively.

“Our power lies within us, rooted in the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, which we have forgotten,” said Sharma. “When I talk about peace, I specifically mean positive peace—attitudes, institutions, and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies.”

Mr. Melwyn Williams, Founder of the Indian Diaspora, stressed the importance of thinking about the future, retaining talent, and allowing people multiple nationalities to nurture young talent often lost to other nations. He emphasized that peace in society requires everyone to contribute through their natural abilities.

Shri Anand Kumar, IAS, Former Secretary to the Government of India, highlighted the need for continued awareness and research to develop groundbreaking prototypes. He shared his dream of establishing a “Net Zero” community, beginning in India.

Shri Ajay Chaudhary, IPS, Special Commissioner of Police for Women and Children and the North East Region, honored soldiers involved in peacebuilding and paid tribute to unsung heroes for their contributions to maintaining peace. “Peacekeepers are ambassadors of hope and resilience,” he remarked.

Shefali Khanna, Founder of Raahein Gharana, a social impact foundation, added that the best way to promote peace is through music, art, and literature. Cultural exchanges between societies foster affinity and relativity, reviving neglected heritage. She supports Phuro Innovations for its efforts in raising awareness to stabilize the future.

Rachna Sharma also emphasized the importance of harnessing green technology and creative solutions to support ecological peacekeepers. Phuro Innovations aims to enhance their impact on the ground through various initiatives.

This year’s theme, “Fit for the Future, Building Better Together,” resonated deeply with Phuro Innovations, prompting a request to the Indian government and the press to prepare for the future by establishing an Institution on Energy, Climate, and Space. Such an institution would be a significant contribution to Ecological Peace.

Today, peace with Mother Earth translates to world peace. The press conference underscored the exponential growth in education when shared with humanity, calling for collective action towards a more peaceful world.

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