Arya Yuva Samaj Commemorates 200th Birth Anniversary of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, Haryana’s First 5100 Kundiya Yagya Amrit Sanskar in Panipat For World Peace

Arya Yuva Samaj Commemorates 200th Birth Anniversary of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, Haryana’s First 5100 Kundiya Yagya Amrit Sanskar in Panipat For World Peace

Clarion call for World peace by Yogi Suri

Distinguished Guests and Visionary Leadership Unite for Vedic Heritage Revival in Panipat

Panipat, Haryana, February 2, 2024 –

In a tribute to the great social reformer Maharishi Dayanand on his 200th birth anniversary, Arya Yuva Samaj organized a monumental 5100 Kundiya Yagya Amrit Sanskar for world peace at the DAV Public School Thermal Colony in Panipat, Haryana.

The event, under the guidance and blessings of Arya Ratna Padmshri Dr. Punam Suri,
President, DAV College Managing Committee and
President , Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha , is set to ignite the flame of Vedic culture and values, aiming to connect every household with the rich heritage of India.

Under the visionary leadership of Yogi Suri, National President, Arya Yuva Samaj, a conclave of RO’s, ARO’s and principals from DAV schools all across Haryana was convened to shape the outline of the 5100 Kundiya Yagya Amrit Sanskar. Yogi Suri presided over the meeting, Convened by Sh VK Chopra , Director Public Schools DAV CMC bringing together educational leaders dedicated to instilling Vedic wisdom in the younger generation.

The distinguished event witnessed the presence of Justice Mahesh Grover as the chief guest, with Justice Pritam Pal chairing the function. Their participation underscores the significance of this celebration and its alignment with the principles of justice and righteousness.

Shri Yogi Suri Ji said, “Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati was epitome of peace. Drawing inspiration from his teachings, Arya Yuva Samaj today gives clarion call for world peace. This event symbolizes a profound journey of promoting our cultural roots, unity and values for world peace. 5100 Kundiya Yagya Amrit Sanskar is a collective effort to revive and cherish our Vedic heritage. The coming together of so many people is a call for world peace. The foundation of a better tomorrow is being laid today. Yagya is the supreme act that determines the essence and foundation of our life. Through this Yagya we praise God, the Supreme Father. We learn to worship God and the inanimate God. From this Yagya, we learn the spirit of harmony and sacrifice. Today we take a pledge that we will make our life one of Yagya and by taking this Havan forward, we will take our family members forward.”

Justice Mahesh Grover, former judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, said, “This is a very important year when we are celebrating the 200th birth anniversary of Maharishi Dayanand. This Yagya should be considered as a platform to illuminate the path of righteousness and justice for the generations to come. Let us become a beacon of light. Even today the society is fighting against things like religious fanaticism, caste-based discrimination, child marriage and gender discrimination. By learning from the principles of Maharishi Dayanand, the ideas of Arya Samaj can end these evils. On this occasion, we all Let’s pledge together to move forward by absorbing their ideas.”

Speaking on the occassion, Justice Pritam Pal, former judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, said, “I am honored to preside over a program that not only commemorates a great reformer but also seeks to bring the essence of Vedic culture to every home. The glory of this Yagya has been mentioned in our Vedas, all the Upanishads and Ramayana. Even Lord Ram, Krishna, Kaushalya, Dashrath used to perform Yagya daily. It is also described in Mahabharata. This is our Vedic tradition. To whom Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati called for the true knowledge of the Vedas and said to return to the Vedas. In the coming times, a memorial of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati will be constructed in Tankara. People from every corner of the world will come there and attain knowledge.”

This historic program was organised by Shri Satyapal Arya (Seh Mantri, Arya Pradeshiya Pratinidhi Sabha) Shri V.K. Chopra (Director, Public Schools, DAV College Managing Committee, Dharamdev Vidyarthi ( Prantiya Adyakshya , Arya Yuva Samaj), and Ritu Dilbagi (Principal, DAV Public School, Panipat).

About Arya Yuva Samaj:

Arya Yuva Samaj is dedicated to upholding the values of Maharishi Dayanand and nurturing a society rooted in Vedic principles. The 5100 Kundiya Yagya Amrit Sanskar is a testament to their commitment to preserving and promoting India’s rich cultural heritage.

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