After postmortem, bodies of children brought for last rites, police take Sajid’s father-uncle into custody.

After postmortem, bodies of children brought for last rites, police take Sajid’s father-uncle into custody.

20 March 2024

In a chilling incident unfolding on Tuesday evening, tragedy struck Baba Colony in the Sadar Kotwali area of Badayun, as a Muslim barber trespassed into the dwelling of a Hindu family and ruthlessly ended the lives of two innocent children with a razor. Law enforcement swiftly engaged with the assailant, resulting in a confrontation. Subsequently, the lifeless bodies of the children were transported for postmortem examinations and the somber rites of passage. The atmosphere remained tense with a significant police presence.

The harrowing double homicide case in Baba Colony took a grave turn late into the night when the father of the victims emerged with pertinent information, implicating not only Sajid, but also his brother in the crime. Allegations suggest a sinister collaboration between the siblings in perpetrating the heinous act before evading capture. However, the motive behind this barbaric act remains shrouded in mystery. Following the completion of postmortem procedures, the children’s remains were solemnly prepared for cremation, drawing a somber gathering outside their home amidst heightened security.

Police vigilance extends across the city, yet no individuals linked to the accused have come forward. Consequently, the assailant’s body has been retained in the mortuary. Both the father and uncle of the prime suspect, Sajid, have been apprehended by law enforcement authorities.

Assuring the public, Badayun SSP Alok Priyadarshi emphasized, “Law and order prevails without disruption throughout the city and district. We remain vigilant across social media platforms.” Shedding light on the perpetrator’s background, it was revealed that Sajid operated a barber shop in close proximity to the affected family’s residence, frequently traversing the vicinity. The fatal assault unfolded around 7:30 PM when Sajid intruded into the house while the children were engaged in innocent play. Despite the community’s efforts to apprehend him, Sajid managed to flee, triggering a swift police response. However, in a tragic turn of events, Sajid succumbed to police gunfire during the ensuing confrontation.