“3 Killed in Maihar as Speeding Car Collides with Truck”

“3 Killed in Maihar as Speeding Car Collides with Truck”

“Accident on National Highway 39 in Newly Formed District: Reports”

26 October 2023 , Maihar (Madhya Pradesh)

A tragic incident unfolded in the Maihar district on a fateful Wednesday night, resulting in the loss of three lives due to a high-speed collision between a car and a bus. One individual sustained injuries in the accident and is currently receiving medical care at the Maihar Civil Hospital.

The unfortunate event occurred on National Highway 39, within the jurisdiction of the Nadaan police station, located in the recently established district. The collision involved a car, which was traveling at high speed in the wrong lane, and a bus. It’s important to note that the car occupants were on their way back to Jabalpur from Rewa.

The victims of this heart-wrenching incident were close friends. Providing insight into the incident, Officer in Charge Sanjay Dubey (TI) disclosed that Uday Mishra had undertaken a journey to Rewa on October 26, accompanied by Kapil Chaurasia in the ill-fated car. After completing his business in Rewa, they set out for Jabalpur late at night. In addition to Uday Mishra, the car also carried Vishal Mishra, a family member, Anshu, who was known as Shubham and was the son of Pradeep Sahu from Damoh Naka in Jabalpur, and the car’s driver, Rakesh.

Tragedy struck at approximately 11:00 pm, near Barhiya, when the car collided with a truck that was en route from Maihar. The force of the impact shattered the vehicle into pieces, leading to the instantaneous loss of Uday Mishra, Vishal Mishra, and the driver Rakesh. Anshu, known as Shubham, suffered severe injuries as a result of the collision.

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